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All are welcome to join, sign up for my mailing list here to receive emails with class information and zoom links. 

Everything is pay-what-you-can with at least 60% of all income going to a different Black, Indigenous, or Latinx organization or a mutual aid fund each month. If you aren't in a position to donate at any point, spread the word about class! Bring a friend!


In 2020, I was certified in a 200-hr Vinyasa program, and completed a 10-hr trauma-informed yoga continued education training. Vinyasa yoga pairs breath with movement to activate, join, and calm the body and mind. My classes focuses on centering and strengthening, while integrating fluid movement pathways, rhythm, and elements of play. In addition, I focus on the autonomy, agency, and choice of each student. At the end of each class, I lead a brief pranayama (breath practice). There are eight limbs to yoga, asana (movement/poses) and pranayama (breath) are just two.

Below, you'll find some resources about the Westernization and commercialization of yoga practice, along with some texts about the history of yoga and specifically Vinyasa Yoga traditions. These resources come from a variety of sources and teachers that I have learned from, in person or from afar. Find out more about these people in the yoga spotlight below.



  • Decolonizing Yoga created and organized by Be Scofield (website with resources on Body Acceptance, Race, Cultural Appropriation and Feminism in yoga)


Yoga Spotlight / People to Follow (coming soon)

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