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Why does this feel wrong?


Watch the full work.


Like a flip-book where you can swap the tops and bottoms of outfits, "Why does this feel wrong?" mismatches dance and sonic styles to create cursed (and ironic) mash-ups.  Dance has a reputation as an illegible art form, but the fact that these jokes land reveal that the conventions of dance are widely known and deeply held. By breaking these rules, we aim to question society's aesthetic preferences, and point to the larger well of cultural knowledge surrounding dance. Our movement references include corps-de-ballet, canonical postmodern dance, arcade games, and many other viral dance crazes. 


  • White Wave's SoloDuo Festival at Dixon Place (February, 2023)

  • !?: New Works Festival at the Brick Theater (June, 2023)

  • Crossroads by Pioneers Go East (October, 2023)


  • Choreography by Dance Dance Revolution, Yvonne Rainer, nobodysausage, and Marius Petipa in collaborations with the dancers

  • Selection of music by Ellen Arkbro, Reading Rainbow,, Pytor Ilyich Tchaikovsky/London Symphony Orchestra, Hudson Mohawke, Richard Wager, Moby, Village People, Only Fire, Ludwig Ban Beethoven, Baauer mixed by the dancers

Photos by Jose Miranda (@pelenguino)

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